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    Maiden Tower Giz Galasi

    • Bukhta-Il'icha, Azerbaijan
    • Maiden Tower Giz Galasi$$
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      Maiden's Tower or Giz Voices - one of the most famous and mysterious monuments Party.

      The tower is unique in its kind, as it has no analogues in the East. Its unique shape is still causing a lot of speculation and controversy. Built on a ledge coastal cliffs tower is a cylinder with a height of twenty-eight meters, and diameter - sixteen and a half meters. The eastern side of the tower attached projection, whose purpose is not defined.

      The tower is divided into eight stages, each of which is covered with a dome stone a small round hole.

      Date of construction of the tower also remains debatable issue. It is known that in the XII century, the tower became a defensive system of Baku and in the XVIII-XIX centuries was used as a lighthouse.

      In 1964, the tower became a museum. In 2000, the Maiden Tower was included in the UNESCO list.

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