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    Palace of the Shirvan Shahs

    • Bukhta-Il'icha, Azerbaijan
    • Palace of the Shirvan Shahs$$
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      Palace of the Shirvan Shahs - one of the largest monuments of Azerbaijani architecture, built by the rulers of Shirvan with move the capital from Shemakha in Baku. Today the territory of the palace complex is protected and recognized the historical and architectural museum-reserve. Since 2000, the palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

      The palace complex of the XV century in the western part of Inner-Shahar is now a museum-reserve. The ensemble includes the main building of the palace, a mosque with a minaret, tomb, mausoleum Seіda Yahya Bakuvi Divankhana, the remains of a mosque Keygubada and baths.

      Despite the fact that in the XVI century, the palace was looted treasures and shahs were removed from its rooms, this complex is one of the most visited attractions in Baku. Some palace buildings still surrounded by mystery. For example, scientists still can not set an appointment Divankhana - The building, which is attributed to the role of councils and storage Shah's treasury.

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