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    Mammadbayli Mausoleum

    • Mammedbeyli, Azerbaijan
    • Mammadbayli Mausoleum$$
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      Mammadbayli Mausoleum was built in the XIV century, to be exact, in 1305 by local architect Ali Majd al-Din on a hill near the village of Mamedbeyli. This place was not chosen by chance, because here was a famous "Silk Road". Despite the enormous ancient buildings, the very tomb discovered only in 1975, when under the mausoleum started to clean the dungeon.

      It is the tomb of Yahya ibn Muhammad al-Hajj - the most significant and distinctive part of the mausoleum. Input height it is only 88 inches. It is fully compliant with the Islamic faith: the entrance to the tomb should not be higher than 120 inches to the visitor was forced to bow to note the host memory mausoleum. The tomb has a square shape.

      Aboveground same part of the mausoleum is in the shape of the prism, which consists of eight faces. Crowned its pyramidal roof. Facing the mausoleum made with great care, carefully carved stones cover the surface, both inside and outside the building. Intrados has a spherical shape. On the front door shows verses from the Koran and commemorative inscriptions for the dead.

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