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    The Mosque of Muhammad

    • Bukhta-Il'icha, Azerbaijan
    • The Mosque of Muhammad$$
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      Muhammad Mosque (or Mosque Synyk Kala) is located in Icheri Sheher - the old quarter of the Party. The second name is connected with the fate of the minaret of the mosque, and is translated as "Broken Tower."

      In the XVIII century minaret was damaged by an artillery shell during the siege of the Russian squadron. According to legend, at the same time sailing ships that have created the bombing, were attributed to the sea with a strong gust of wind. Baku residents thought it was sign on the top and decided not to rebuild the minaret in the memory of the brave defenders. Since then, the mosque of Muhammad appeared the second name - Synyk Kala.

      The mosque is considered the first Islamic buildings in the territory of Azerbaijan and different style of architecture from the later works. In 2010, with support from UNESCO, the building of the mosque was completely renovated.

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