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    Carpet Museum

    • Nizaminskiy Rayon, Azerbaijan
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      Carpet Museum named after Latif Kerimov is located in the center of Baku in front of the seaside boulevard. It is considered the world's first museum of carpets.

      The museum was founded in 1967. Its new building was built as a composite of the carpet. The purpose of the museum is to promote the national heritage through exhibitions, conferences and other events dedicated to the carpet as a friend with the most ancient forms arts and crafts of the country.

      The Museum of the carpet can look at works of art from Gabala, Guba, Kazakh, Eryvan, Sheki and other areas of the country that show the history of Azerbaijan.

      The museum displays historical artifacts relating to the Bronze Age, as well as Delftware the XII century, the national dishes of the XIX century, jewelry made of different materials, weapons, carpets and rugs with various ornaments and plots. A total of about one million museum presents rugs.

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