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    Old City Icheri Sheher

    • Bukhta-Il'icha, Azerbaijan
    • Old City Icheri Sheher$$
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      The old city which is translated as "old town" - the heart of the capital of Azerbaijan. The place is also called Akropalem Party.

      Old Town in its old buildings and ruins hides a long history. Archaeological excavations conducted here have found the tomb of the Bronze Age. This place is old buildings dating from the XI century: the minaret Synyk Kala Mosque, Palace of the Shirvan Shahs, Maiden's Tower, Juma Mosque. There is also a modern shops where you can buy handmade souvenirs.

      Many tourists say that cats love to Baku: this is evidenced by the ratio of residents to the cats on the street, as well as the presence in the city has many monuments and images. On the wall of a building, you can see the monument to the cat. In the palace of the Shirvan Shahs kept sculpture "The clerk with cats."

      Inner City is famous for the fact that it starred Soviet film "The Diamond Arm" and "Amphibian Man".

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