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    Niyazi Street

    • Bukhta-Il'icha, Azerbaijan
    • Niyazi Street$$
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      Street Niyazov, early known as Garden Street, Narimanov, Chkalov, got its current name in 1990. Garden and Narimanov Street was called until 1939, Chkalov - until 1990.

      Construction Street Sadovoi length of 450 meters began in 1885. The first buildings on it became a two-storey Maryіnskaya gymnasium, Debura mansion, built in the classic style, three-story house in the French Renaissance style, built on Tiflis project architect Stern. Mansion de Boor is the only building in the city, perceived in three dimensions in the middle of the flat perimeter building.

      Now the street is the National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan, named after the artist Rustam Mustofaeva in which there are more than 17,000 works of art. The museum features works not only in Azerbaijan, but also Russia, East, Western Europe.

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